Share Prices

At we’ve got you covered when it comes to share prices. We’ve got a global reach of data sources for you to be able to quickly flick through any share price you desire. We’ve added the Facebook Share Price chart below as an example, however you can easily edit the chart and search for another companies share price from the top left search bar in the chart. For european listed share prices you should search using the ‘CHXEUR’ in front of the companies names or code, example ‘CHXEUR: PPB”.

Share Prices Chart

Online Trading

We recommend reading our guidelines, training and reviews before considering online trading. Have a look at our online trading tutorials as a first stop to learning about trading online. Online Trading such as CFD trading enables you to potentially profit from changes in a companies stock price, both if the price increases or decreases. As online trading involves risk, we encourage you to read, and test before trading with your own money.
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Available Share Prices from Stock Exchanges

From our charts you’ll be able to track some of the largest publicly listed companies in the world such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and more. We’ve listed a few of the stock exchanges for which we’ve got available share price for; NASDAQ Stock Market, New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange and many more.

News & Analysis of Share Prices

We’ll be covering our own analysis together with other news that can influence a particular share price in our articles below. Have a look at our PPB Share Price, Better Collective Share Price or TW Share Price pages as examples of our coverage.