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The Team

We’re a team of experienced people with many years experience in online trading and tracking share price live data. We’ve created a website for beginners as well as seasoned traders to find all the information they need about any share price. We provide updates including news, changes in share price, as well as analysis on publicly listed companies share prices. Our experienced team enabled us to gather multiple sources for share price live data to give you the best experience and information. For people interested in trading, we’ve also added guidelines and training in online CFD trading (https://anyshareprice.com/cfd-trading/). In addition, we’ve added reviews to online CFD trading platforms whom we think are great brokers to test and trade.

Share Price Live

On Anyshareprice.com we look to provide share price live data for global share and stock prices. We’ve gone to multiple sources for our data, and look to provide share price live data for as many share prices as we can. Whilst we’re constantly monitoring our data sources to ensure reliable share price live data, we’re not responsible for any errors in our data. If needed please check multiple sources before making any trades.


Anyshareprice.com gives information about trading we’d like you to be aware that trading is a risk product, and losses can exceed your initial deposit. All information on Anyshareprice.com is there to give our readers helpful information to learn more. As there are risks please make sure to read our guidelines, and as recommended please try a demo account first.

For any feedback on our website, or interest in contacting us kindly get in touch.